BCD would like our customers to rest assured we are utilizing all available precautionary measures with regard to equipping our employees when servicing you.  It is our goal to insure your health and safety as we work together to minimize the spreading of any and all contagions at all times. Thank you for your continued trust in BCD.  

Here are a few things our community should keep in mind to keep these critical service employees safe.   

1. BAG ALL LANDFILL TRASH – By bagging your trash, especially items like used tissues, it is easier to keep viruses and bacteria away from our critical service employees. 

2. KEEP ALL RECYCLING CLEAN AND LOOSE – When recycling is loose, it is easier to handle on our sorting line. Removing food and liquid residue from your recyclables minimizes viruses and bacteria as well!

3. EMPTY ALL LIQUIDS – Liquids can carry viruses and bacteria, and can splash onto drivers when trash and recyclables are emptied. When bottles, cans and other containers are emptied before going in carts, the risk is minimized. 

4. WIPE/DISINFECT CART HANDLES AND LIDS – The two main touch points on a cart for our drivers are the lid and the handles. By wiping those areas down with disinfectant or soapy water, you minimize danger of shared contact areas for drivers as well as yourself.