1Why was my trash missed today?
• Your trash was not out on time, when the driver went by.
• You have a past due balance on your account..
• We are on a holiday schedule this week..
• Due to the bad weather we were unable to service you today.
2Can I hand out my payment to the driver?
3Can I make a payment over the phone?
• Yes you can make a payment over the phone. A transaction fee may apply.
• We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and check by phone.
• We also do offer AUTO PAY.
4Is there an extra charge for a bulk item or extra trash?
• There is an extra charge, prices range depending on what the item is.
• We do require a 24hrs notice.
5What time do they pick up my trash?
• Trash is required to be out by 6 am to guarantee a pick up.
6Do you work during bad weather?
• We do put an effort to provide service in bad inclement weather, and only if trash is accessible. Your trash is still required to be out by 6am. You can also call our office for the latest news. In case of a severe storm and unsafe driving conditions trash will be collected the following day.
7I forgot to take my trash out on time. Can you come back and get it?
• There are many times that we are able to come back on the same day depending on the location.
• We do charge a return fee..
• Call our office and they will be happy to assist you. 303-659-3779.
• Please feel free to report any problems or service issues within 24 hours of your service day..
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